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/images/hfss.pngANSYS is the leading provider of electromagnetic field, circuit and system simulation software for the design of high-performance electronic equipment, electromechanical devices and other electrical systems. Companies throughout the world rely on ANSYS electromagnetic solutions when designing mobile communication, internet access, broadband networking components and systems, integrated circuits (ICs), and printed circuit boards (PCBs) as well as electromechanical systems such as automotive components and power electronics systems. With proven, industry-standard electromagnetic field solvers seamlessly integrated to high-capacity circuit  and system simulation, our customers accurately predict ever-increasing performance of today’s smart products without numerous and expensive prototype iterations.

Our signal integrity analysis products are ideal for designing high-speed channels and complete power delivery systems typical in modern high-speed electronic devices. These tools combined with subsidiary Apache Design's IC tools, like Redhawk, deliver the industry’s first chip–package–system (CPS) design flow.

ANSYS high-frequency design software helps engineers design, simulate and validate high-frequency components found in communication systems, mobile devices, computers and networking, WLAN, radio, radar, wireless Internet access, and Satcom systems.

Our electromechanical products are ideal for the design of electromechanical, mechatronic and power electronic components, and systems common to the automotive, aerospace and industrial automation industries. All simulations can be empowered by high-performance computing (HPC) to enhance fidelity and throughput of the modeling.

The ANSYS multiphysics platform extends signal-integrity, high-frequency and electromechanical design capabilities to include thermal management and mechanical stress analysis, delivering a comprehensive, enterprise-wide simulation environment to virtually predict product performance.


High-Performance Electronic Design


o    ANSYS DesignerSI

o    ANSYS DesignerRF

o    ANSYS Q3D Extractor

o    ANSYS SIwave


Electromechanical Design

o    ANSYS Maxwell

o    ANSYS Multiphysics

o    ANSYS PExprt

o    ANSYS RMxprt

o    ANSYS Simplorer

Product Options

o    ANSYS Electronics HPC

o    ANSYS ALinks for EDA

o    AnsoftLinks for MCAD

o    Distributed Solve

o    ANSYS Full-Wave SPICE

o    ANSYS Optimetrics



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