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ArcGIS® : Tools for Authoring, Editing & Analyzing Geographic Info.

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ArcGIS® Desktop is software that enables you to discover patterns, relationships, and trends in your data that are not readily apparent in databases, spreadsheets, or statistical packages. Beyond showing you your data as points on a map, ArcGIS Desktop gives you the power to manage and integrate your data, perform advanced analysis, model and automate operational processes, and display your results on professional-quality maps.

Answer Questions, Test Predictions, and Examine Relationships with a rich analysis framework, including ready-to-use tools and the ability to build process models, scripts, and complete workflows, ArcGIS Desktop gives you the power to better answer questions, test predictions, and examine relation¬ships in your data. You can use ArcGIS Desktop to answer questions such as


·         Where are my customers?

·         Where should I put new stores or facilities?

·         Who is impacted in an emergency?

·         What is the best way to respond to a power outage?

·         What are the highest traffic areas of a city?

·         Which land parcels owe taxes?

·         What is the environmental impact of a new development?

Create, Edit, and Ensure the Quality of Your Geographic Data : Manipulate data with a minimum number of clicks and automate your editing workflow with the ArcGIS Desktop powerful suite of editing tools. Advanced editing and coordinate geometry (COGO) tools simplify your data design, input, and cleanup. Multiuser editing support makes it possible for multiple users to edit your geodatabase at the same time, facilitating data sharing between departments, organizations, and field staff.

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Perform the Complete Cartographic Production Process within Your GIS :Easily create professional-quality, publication-ready maps with ArcGIS Desktop software’s simple wizards, predefined map tem¬plates, extensive suite of map elements, and advanced drawing and symbolization tools. The comprehensive set of cartographic tools in ArcGIS Desktop automates many aspects of cartogra¬phy, making map production a less time-consuming task.

Manage Your Data More Efficiently : With support for more than 70 data formats, you can easily integrate all types of data for visualization and analysis with ArcGIS Desktop. Create databases, define database schemas, and administer the integrity of databases with an extensive set of geographic, tabular, and metadata management, creation, and organization tools.

Get Started Immediately with Ready-to-Use Data : You can begin your visualization and analysis right away with the included ESRI® Data & Maps Media Kit, which is updated annu¬ally and preconfigured to work specifically with ESRI software. The ESRI Data & Maps Media Kit includes more than 24 GB of data including

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·         Basemap and thematic MXDs for Canada, Europe, Mexico, the United States, and the world

·         Commercial data from Tele Atlas, AND Mapping, DMTI Spatial, WorldSat, EarthSat,

EuroGeographics, Michael Bauer Research, World Wildlife Fund, SIGSA, and ESRI

·         Ninety-meter Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) dataset

·         All levels of U.S. Census geography and ZIP Codes™

·         TIGER 2000-based StreetMap™ USA data

ArcGISSM Online includes optimized, ready-to-use content and capabilities including 2D maps, 3D globes, and reference layers. ArcGIS Online services are always available on the Web so that users with Internet access can use these services at any time.

Customize ArcGIS Desktop to Meet Your Unique Needs : Easily customize the user interface by adding and removing buttons and menu items or docking toolbars. Develop custom GIS desktop applications with ArcGIS Engine, which is available through the ESRI Developer Network (EDNSM ). ArcGIS Engine provides application programming interfaces (APIs) for COM, .NET, Java™, and C++; detailed documentation; and a series of high-level visual components that make it easy for even the casual programmer to build an ArcGIS application.

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ArcGIS Desktop 10 Functionality :


Map Interaction

·         GPS Support

·         Map Navigation

·         Tablet PC

·         Queries

·          ArcGIS Mobile Support

·         Tables & Graphs

Multiuser Geodatabase Editing

·         Graph Types 

·         General Editing

·         Routing Using ArcGIS Online or

Network Datasets (StreetMap™ USA

·         Administration Geoprocessing

Map Display

·         Versioning Geoprocessing

·         General Mapping 

·         Short Transaction Editing

·         Tabular Data 

Multiuser Geodatabase Archiving

·         Vector Data Display

·         Display and Query

·         Thematic Vector Data Classifications

·          Manag

·         Symbology

Distributed Geodatabases

·         Elevation Surface Display

·         Manage Replicas

·         Raster Data Display

·         Disconnected Editing Geoprocessing

·         Raster Display: Gradual Color Ramp

Data-Stretching Algorithms

·         Distributed Geodatabases


·         Raster Display Statistics

Spatial Referencing Image Data (Georeferencing)

·         Raster Display Resample Methods

·         Tools

·         Raster Display Classification Methods

·         Transformation Methods

·         Raster Catalog Footprint Display

·         Save Spatial Reference Information

·         Raster Tools

 Data Management and Validation

·         Time Animation and Temporal Data

·         General

Page Layoutand Printing

·         Search for GIS Data By

·         Map Elements

·         Manage Coverage Data

·          Export Formats

·         Geodatabase Administration

·         Print with the Following Print Drivers

·          Geodatabase XML File Import/Export

Publishing and Sharing Maps

Attribute Validation

·         Creating High-Performance Dynamic Maps

·         Subtypes Geoprocessing

·         Sharing Maps, Layers, and Data

·         Domains Geoprocessing

Map Text

·         Create and Edit Relationships for Features

·         Labels

·         Geodatabase Relationship Behavior

·         Annotation

·          Relationship Class Geoprocessing

·         Annotation Editing


·         Annotation and Dimensions Management

·         Map Display

Advanced Labeling

·          Editing

·         Advanced Label Placement Rule Set 

·         Geodatabase Topology Rule Violation

Fix Operations

Advanced Cartography

·         Geodatabase Topology Management

·         Cartographic Editing Tools

·         Geodatabase Topology Rules

·         Point Geometric Effects

·         Geoprocessing

·         Line Geometric Effects


·         Polygon Geometric Effects

·         Utility (Geometric) Network Analysis

·         Interactive Symbol Editing

·         Data Management

·         Geoprocessing Graphic Quality

·         Geometric Network Connectivity Rules

·         Geoprocessing Masking Tools

·         Geometric Network Editing

·         Geoprocessing Representation


Linear Referencing (Routes)

·         Geoprocessing Symbolization Refinement

·         Display

Address Matching

·         Editing

·         Geocoding Tools

·         Geoprocessing

·         ArcGIS Online Locators


·          Geoprocessing

·         General

Data Support and Interoperability Raster Data Support

·         Managing Metadata Using a Variety

of Styles

·         Direct Read of Raster Data

·         Geoprocessing

·         Direct Read and Write of Raster Data

Data Manipulation and Analysis Coverage


·          Geodatabase Raster Management

·         Application Framework

Document and Data Support

·         Analysis

·         Map and Symbology Files

·         Conversion

·         Direct Read of Vector and Raster Data

·         Aggregation

·         Direct Editing of Vector Data

·         Composite Features

·         Direct Read of Other Data

·         Generalization

·          Coordinate Systems

·         Table Management

CAD Support

·          Projections

·         CAD File Support

·         Topology

·          Direct Read of CAD Data

·         General

·         Editing with CAD Data


·         Coordinate Systems

·         Environment

·         Geoprocessing—See Geoprocessing


·         Supported Scripting Environments

Application Framework & Application Customization

·         General Data Management

·         Application Look and Feel

·         Data Comparison

·         Customization

·         Table Management

Data Automation Data Editing

·         Editing

·         General Editing

·         Field Management 

·         Snapping Types

·         Feature Class Management

·          Snapping to Topology Elements

·         Feature Management

·         Snapping Tolerance

·         File Geodatabase

·         Geometry Construction Options

·         Generalization

·         Geometry Creation Tools

·         Projections and Transformations

·         Feature Manipulation Tasks

·         Vector Data Projection

·         Feature Editing Tools

·         Raster Management

·         Attribute Editing

·         Raster Mosaics

·         Multipart Features

(Point, Line, and Polygon)

·         Raster Conversion

·         Map Navigation while Editing

·         Raster Transformation/Projection

·         Vector Data Transformations

·         Conversion

·         Generalization

·         Layers and Table Views

·          Coordinate Geometry

·         Packaging

·         Parcel Editing

·         Parcel Fabric Tools

Raster Editing and Vectorization

·         Core Analysis

·         Vectorize All Raster Formats Supported

in ArcGIS

·         Spatial Statistics Tools—Analyzing


·          ArcGIS Integration

·         Spatial Statistics Tools—Mapping


·         Raster Snapping Geometry

·         Spatial Statistics Tools—Measuring

Geographic Distributions

·         Raster Snapping Environment

·         Spatial Statistics Tools—Modeling

Spatial Relationships

·         Vectorization Tracing

·         Spatial Statistics Tools—Rendering

·          Automatic Vectorization

·         Spatial Statistics Tools—Utilities

·         Vectorization Parameters

·         Multidimensional Tools

·         Vectorization Preview

·         Workspace Management

·         Raster Cell Selection

·         Database Management

·         Raster Cleanup Environment

·         Table Joins

·         Raster Cleanup Painting Tools

·         Data Indexing 

·          Support Tools

·         ArcGIS Server Management


Data ArcGIS Online Standard Services


2D and 3D Basemap Services Esri Data and Maps : World

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