ETABS Software

ETABS:Integrated Analysis, Design & Drafting of Building Sys.

For nearly 30 years, ETABS has been recognized as the industry standard for Building Analysis and Design Software. Today, continuing in the same tradition, ETABS has evolved into a completely integrated building analysis and design environment. The system built around a physical object based graphical user interface, powered by targeted new special purpose algorithms for analysis and design, with interfaces for drafting and manufacturing, is redefining standards of integration, productivity and technical innovation.

The integrated model can include moment resisting frames, braced frames, staggered truss systems, frames with reduced beam sections or side plates, rigid and flexible floors, sloped roofs, ramps and parking structures, mezzanine floors, multiple tower buildings and stepped diaphragm systems with complex concrete, composite or steel joist floor framing systems.

ETABS User Interface
  • Graphical User Interface
  • Grid Systems
  • Extruded Views
  • Dimension Lines
 ETABS Modeling
  • Modeling Templates
  • Section Properties
  • Section Designer
  • Frame Elements
  • Shell Elements
  • Shear Walls
  • Piers and Spandrels
  • Windows and Doors
  • Link Properties
  • Hinge Properties
  • Meshing Tools
  • Automatic Line Constraint
  • Extrusion Tools
  • Rigid, Semi-Rigid and Flexible Floor Diaphragm
  • Developed Elevations
ETABS Loading
  • Automatic Code Based Seismic Loading
  • Special Seismic Load Effects
  • Automatic Code Based Wind Loading
  • Load Cases and Combinations
  • Area, Line, Point and Thermal Loads
  • Automatic Live Load Reduction
ETABS Analysis
  • Response Spectrum Analysis
  • Time History Analysis
  • P-Delta Analysis
  • Sequential Construction
  • Pushover Analysis
ETABS Design
  • Steel Frame Design
  • Concrete Frame Design
  • Composite Beam Design
  • Shear Wall Design
  • Steel Joist Design
ETABS Output and Display
  • Deformed Geometry
  • Moment, Shear and Axial Force Diagrams
  • Section Cuts
  • Video Animations
 ETABS Import and Export
  • Export model to MS-access database
  • Export stories to SAFE for foundation analysis/design
  • Cut & paste portions of model to Excel spreadsheet for editing
  • Import/Export model in CIS/2 STEP file format
  • Steel buildings detailed in ProSteel 3D using an import/export link
  • Import/Export project data with Autodesk Revit Structure
  • Export steel models in the Steel Detailing Neutral File format
  • Import/Export data using IFC standards
  • Import files in the following program formats: AutoCAD, FrameWorks Plus, IGES, STAAD, STRUD
 ETABS System Requirements
  • ETABS will work on any Windows-based (Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 only for network installation
  • Pentium 4, 2.4 Ghz processor or better
  • A minimum 1.0 GB is recommended
  • At least 6 GB of free hard disk space.
  • Windows XP or higher operating system • Windows-compatible graphics card and monitor supporting at least 1024 by 768 resolution and 16 bits colors. The graphics cards should also be capable to support OpenGL compatible.

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