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Fast, Accurate, Productive – just a few ways engineers describe RISA-3D. Easily the most popular general 3D analysis/design software available, our intuitive interface and familiar spreadsheets help you solve your next problem in minutes, not hours. Packed with the most current steel, concrete, cold-formed steel, aluminum and timber design codes, RISA-3D gives you the tools to tackle multi-material projects with confidence. RISA-3D also integrates seamlessly with RISAFloor and RISAFoundation, including links to top detailing, drafting, and BIM packages for a complete building design solution.


  • ·         Comprehensive CAD-like drawing/editing environment: draw, generate, modify and load elements as well as snap, move, rotate, copy, mirror, scale, split, merge, mesh, delete, apply, etc.
  • ·         Versatile drawing grids (orthogonal, radial, skewed)
  • ·         Universal snaps and object snaps allow drawing without grids
  • ·         Powerful graphic select/unselect tools including box, line, polygon, invert, criteria, spreadsheet based, save/recall selections with locking
  • ·         True spreadsheet editing with cut, paste, fill, math, sort, find, etc.
  • ·         Dynamic synchronization between spreadsheets and graphics
  • ·         Open multiple spreadsheets simultaneously
  • ·         Constant in-stream error checking and data validation
  • ·         Unlimited undo/redo capability, automatic timed backup
  • ·         Generation templates for grids, disks, cylinders, cones, arcs, trusses, tanks, hydrostatic loads, etc.
  • ·         Support for all units systems & conversions at any time
  • ·         Automatic interaction with RISASection custom shape libraries
  • ·         Steel Shapes: AISC, HSS, CAN, ARBED & numerous foreign databases
  • ·         Light Gage Shapes: AISI, SSMA, Dale/Incor, Dietrich, Marino\WARE
  • ·         Import DXF, RISA-2D, STAAD, ProSteel3D and CIS/2 files
  • ·         Export DXF, SDNF, DesconWin, ProSteel3D and CIS/2 files
  • ·         Robust two-way link with Revit Structure 2011


  • ·         Accelerated true sparse solver for static analysis
  • ·         Flexible modeling of P-Delta effects
  • ·         Accelerated Sparse Lanczos dynamics solver, very fast and robust
  • ·         Multiple simultaneous dynamic and response spectra analysis using Gupta, CQC or SRSS with automatic calc of scaling factors
  • ·         Automatic inclusion of mass offset (5% or user defined) for dynamics
  • ·         True physical member modeling (members are aware of interior joints)
  • ·         State-of-the-art plate/shell elements with plane stress only option
  • ·         8 node solid elements with automatic meshing
  • ·        High end mesh generation – draw a polygon with any number of sides to create a mesh of well formed quadrilateral (NO triangular) elements.
  • ·         Automatic rigid diaphragm modeling with detachable joints
  • ·         Area loads with one-way or two-way distributions with optional “blow through” distribution for loading open structures
  • ·         Plate thermal loads
  • ·         Simultaneous moving loads, AASHTO/custom for bridges, cranes…
  • ·         Torsional warping calculations for stiffness stress and design
  • ·         Member end releases, rigid end offsets, top of member offsets
  • ·         Joint master-slave assignments
  • ·         Enforced joint displacements
  • ·         One Way members, for tension only bracing, slipping, etc.
  • ·         One Way springs, for modeling soils and other effects
  • ·         Euler members: Compression up to buckling load, then turn off
  • ·         Stress calculations on any arbitrary shape
  • ·         Inactivate members, plates, solids and diaphragms without deleting them
  • ·         Story drift calculations provide relative drift and ratio to height
  • ·         Automatic self-weight calculations for members, plates and solids


  • ·         Unlimited simultaneous model view windows
  • ·         “True to scale” rendering with translucency, even when drawing
  • ·         High-speed redraw algorithm for instant refreshing
  • ·         Dynamically zoom, pan, rotate, scroll, snap views
  • ·         Font and color control
  • ·         Saved views to quickly restore frequent or desired views
  • ·         Rendered or wire-frame animations of deflected model and mode shapes
  • ·         Animation of moving loads with speed control
  • ·         Distance tool for measuring between points
  • ·         Force/moment summation about any arbitrary cut line
  • ·        High quality customizable graphics printing

RISA-3D INTEGRATION: RISA-3D is the heart of the RISA Building System, integrating with six other RISA programs to offer a complete structural solution.


RISAFloor designs a building quickly with a graphical interface that allows you to lay out your columns, beams and walls floor-by-floor. The integration between RISAFloor and RISA-3D allows you to design the gravity system in RISA Floor and take the lateral system into RISA-3D to design for wind and earthquake loads. All the reactions from the gravity and lateral members are brought into RISAFoundation for design of the footings, slabs and grade beams.


The integration between RISA-3D and RISA Foundation allows you to use your base reactions from any RISA-3D model to design mat slabs, combined foundations, spread footings and grade beams.


Assign your connections to your member ends quickly within the familiar RISA-3D interface. Run the connection design and view results all in the same model. Changes in forces are automatically updated.

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