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The modern IT organization is faced with a multitude of application development languages and tools to choose from.  In some cases multiple application development products are used within a single organization. Organizations that have grown through mergers and acquisitions are faced with the difficult problem of managing and integrating a large collection of competing application development technologies that were used in predecessor organizations.  Technology enables business innovation and those organizations that are able to quickly deliver applications gain competitive advantage. 

Oracle Database 11g provides a single integrated platform offering security, high performance and scalability for the most popular technologies used by application developers today. Oracle Database 11g adds significant new capabilities to all the major application development environments, enabling you to increase developer productivity and shorten time to market. Application developers have a choice of languages for creating Oracle database-centric applications including Java, Oracle Application Express, C, C++, COBOL, PL/SQL, Visual Basic, C#, PHP, Ruby, Python and Perl. Developers can choose the language in which they are most proficient or one that is most suitable for a specific task. For example an application might use Java in middle-tier to create dynamic Web pages, PL/SQL or Java to implement stored procedures in the database, and C++ or Java to implement computationally intensive logic in the middle tier. Oracle Database 11g offers customers the power and performance of the industry’s leading database delivered across a wide variety of the most popular application development technologies.


  • Oracle Database 11g / Oracle Database 11g One
  • Oracle 1-Click Technology for Midsize Companies
  • Oracle Data Warehousing,
  • Oracle Embedded Technology *
  • Database Security
  • Oracle Exadata * - New
  • Oracle EPM and BI *
  • Oracle Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
  • Oracle Modernization Alliance *
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager
  • Other Database Related Products
  • MySQL - New

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