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TARGET 3001! is a CAD-/CAE-software for PCB design. The integration of theschematic-, simulation- and layout data into one user interface, and the integration of these data into one file is revolutionary to the work of the design engineer. The aim is a short time-to-market of your products abandoning internal conversion struggles. The TARGET 3001! Wiki gives information on TARGET 3001!. It assists you to get started immediately. It shows you how to deal with common tasks, gives you helpful information and points at new important features. TARGET 3001! itself consists ofschematic, mixed mode simulation, contour autorouter, autoplacer, PCB layout,3D view with a STEP export, basic EMC check and a frontpanel layout. It providesmanufacturing data for production processes of all industry standards.

Target 3001 is a CAD/CAE – S/w for Integrated PCB Design Suite consists of   :

·         Schematic,

·         A/D Mixed Mode Simulation,

·         Contour Autorouter,

·         Autoplacer,

·         PCB Layout,

·         3D view, 

·         EMC Analysis check,

·         Frontpanel Layout.


It provides Manufacturing Data for production processes of all industry standards.


Why should you use it?

·         32-Bit Power with Windows NT/2000/ME/XP/Vista  Ÿ Windows graphical user interface

·         Schematic, A/D Simulation and PCB Layout with 3D view is one unit based on one central project file,

·      Toggle between schematic and layout or have both in separate windows besides each other. Several projects can be opened  simultaneously

·         Renamings, renumberings, pin- or gate swaps are automatically implemented to schematic and layout

·         Highest accuracy: vectorgraphics with a resolution of 1nm = 1/1.000.000 mm (units metrical or imperial)

·         1 cm PCB is 1 cm on screen (true coordinates) when scale is set 100%   ·   Any grid, rotate at any angle               

·         Over 36.000 components.

·         Components can be edited after insertion to schematic or layout     ·  50 steps undo/redo

·         Clipboard inserts your vector drawings also into MS-Word, OpenOffice or similar lossless for means of documentation*Comfortable   Library Browser for search, download, edition of components

·      Interactive automatic placement of components (Autoplacer), placment of components according to figures (cluster placement,  alignment assistant)

·         Two internal autorouters allowing different strategies of autorouting

·         Interface to external autorouter "ELECTRA",

·         Import of Protel* and Eagle* projects, direct export to Eagle

·         Import of netlists in OrCAD*-Multiwire and Mentor* format, TARGET-ASCII und Gerber*-Format

·         Creation of netlists in Protel*, OrCAD*, Calay* and Pads FORMAT

·         Creation of BoMs in Protel*, OrCAD* and Calay* format

·         Read in of Bitmaps (Logo etc.) Ÿ Export to all Windows printers

·         Your individual project documentations multilingual (three languages possible)

·         Electrical rule check (ERC) Ÿ Design rule check (DRC)

·     Generating all common data formats for production on button-click: Export to Gerber RS274-D*, Gerber RS274-X*, Excellon*,   Sieb&Meyer*, DXF, Postscript*

·         Several milling formats besides HPGL supported , Separate printing of all layers in use

·      Easy creation of individual components (package and symbol, simulation model and 3D- model) having endless component properties

·         Up to 256 variants of assembly within one project.

·         Component Management System (CMS) with deep-links to the shops of several distributors, providing data sheets accordingly

·         Network compatible, project-locking, password for libraries

·         Free Updates within the current main version , Transparency of your workflow in  Target 3001

·         Freedom of action and flexibility maximized, interdictions and prohibitions minimized

·         Straightforward logic and design in all modules

·         Numerous Commercial features within the component management system (CMS)

·         Protel, Eagle, OrCAD, Gerber, Excellon, Calay and PostScript are registered trademarks. All rights reserved to the owners.



·         32-Bit-Windows-Power Ÿ Program And Manual Completely In English And German Language

·         Toggle Between Schematic Andpcb Ÿ Realtime Data Integration (Forward-/Back-Annotation)

·         Realtime Ground Plane Computation Ÿ Realtime Air Wire Optimization Ÿ Autoplacer

·       Contour Autorouter (Shape Based, Gridless) Ÿ Hybrid Autorouter Ÿ Interface To The Autorouter Electra (Specctra (R) Compatible)  Drag & Drop Library Browser  • Drag & Drop Component Placement

·      Clipboard As A Documentation Interface Ÿ Intuitive Windows User Interface Ÿ Free Version “Discover” Can Be Used As Viewer  Ÿ Undo/Redo (50 Steps)


·         Interfaces:

o   Gerberin/Out   ○  Xgerber  ○  Excellon  ○  Sieb & Meyer  ○  Dxf  ○  Postscript

o   Bitmap In  ○  ASCII In/Out (Open Data-Interface)  ○  Xml In/Out                 ○   Generic Hpgl Out

o   Smart Gerber (Combines Both)


·        Insulation Milling As Outline Engraving (Directly From The Program!)

·        Maximum Accuracy: Vector Graphics, Resolution: 1nm = 1/1.000.000mm = 1/25.400.000 Inch

·        World Coordinates: 1 Inch On Screen = 1 Inch On PCB (When Zoom = 100%)

·        1.2m X 1.2m PCB-/Schematic Area, Up To 100 PCB Layers, Up To 100 Schematic Pages

·        Components In Current Project Directly Editable: Change Pad, Modify Package Etc.

·        Flip-Chips And Ball-Grid-Arrays (BGAS) Supported

·        Rotation By Any Angle E.G. Chip On Board Technology

·        Free Displaceable Tools

·        Hierarchical Design By Block Diagrams

·        Generation Of Alternative Assemblies In Schematic And Layout (Variants)

·        Project Browser In Tree View Technique

·        Symbol Assistant & Package Assistant

·        Outline Assistant For Easy Generation Of Outlines With Breakouts

·        Outlines Of Any Shape

·        Color Code Calculator For Resistors And Capacitors

·        Calculation Of The Track Width For High Current

·        Online Help System  &   Frontpanel Engraving Tool

·        Texts In 3 Languages Simultaneously

·        Update Manager For Automatic Program And Driver Updates

·        Automatic Library Updates

·        Alignment Assistant (Allows Geometrical Alignment Of A Certain Number Of Identic Components)

·        In Schematic Mode

·        Permanent Forward-Annotation To PCB

·        More Than 36,000 Logic Components (DIN/IEEE) On The Component Server ( Internet Access Needed)

·        Common Components Provided For Local Storage

·        Automatic Component Numbering

·        Inserted Symbols Still Can Be Edited Or Adapted

·        Library Browser For Easy Library Management

·        Component Management System (CMS)

·        Import Of Mentor(R) And Orcad(R) Netlists If Needed

·        Output Of Individual Component Lists And Netlists (Also In Protel, Orcad And Calay Format)

·        Eagle(R) Import And Export (Schematic Files, Board Files) And Library Import To Target 3001!

·        Bill Of Material (BOM) With Item Number, Purchase Prices, Deliverer Etc. And Custom Fields

·        Up To 100 Schematic Pages Each Up To 1.44m²

·        Electrical Design Check ERC

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