Texas Instruments DSP Hardware Kits

Development Tools including Code Composer Studio™ IDE

Development Tools – For DSP developers, the TI compiler generates optimized code for advanced performance on the DSP in C or C++, allowing developers a higher level of abstraction without compromising system optimization. CCStudio simulators also offer profiling, cache-tuning and real-time debugging on the DSP. JTAG emulators with a variety of PC interfaces, speeds, and prices are available from TI and through TI’s Design Network.

·         To find Code Composer Studio IDE: visit www.ti.com/ccstudio

·         To find third party Development Tools: visit Development Tools

·         See all Tools & Software for DSP listed below

DSP & DaVinci Video Processors optimized for:

  • TMS320C6000™ Multicore DSPs – includes a wide range of multicore devices that deliver the highest performance at the lowest power levels and costs. The platform’s capabilities are optimal for applications in markets such as test & measurement, industrial automation, military and high end imaging.
  • TMS320C6000™ Power Optimized DSPs – offers the industry's highest performing fixed and floating-point DSPs including the fastest fixed-point DSPs running at up to 1.2 GHz, as well as secure boot and multi-level encrypted devices. Ideal for high-performance audio, video, imaging, and broadband infrastructure applications.
  • TMS320C5000™ Ultra Low Power DSPs – provides the industry's lowest power 16-bit DSPs with performance up to 300MHz (600 MIPs). Ultra low power consumption (Standby power: 0.15mW, Active power with 75% dual-MAC and 25% add: 0.15mW/MHz) extends battery life. High peripheral integration & large on-chip memory reduce system cost and security enabled devices offer added encryption for mobile apps.
  • DaVinci Video Processors – a variety of ARM Cortex-A8/ARM9, DSP+ARM and DSP devices optimized for video applications with a range of video encoding and decoding capabilities.  The scalable platform includes multimedia codecs, accelerators and peripherals, software-compatible roadmap for OMAP3525/30 processors.

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