SAP 2000 Software



Integrated Software  for Structural Analysis & Design   

SAP2000 follows in the same tradition featuring a very sophisticated, intuitive and versatile user interface powered by an unmatched analysis engine and design tools for engineers working on transportation, industrial, public works, sports, and other facilities. 


Advanced analytical techniques allow for step-by-step large deformation analysis, Eigen and Ritz analyses based on stiffness of nonlinear cases, catenary cable analysis, material nonlinear analysis with fiber hinges, multi-layered nonlinear shell element, buckling analysis, progressive collapse analysis, energy methods for drift control, velocity-dependent dampers, base isolators, support plasticity and nonlinear segmental construction analysis.


Single Unified User Interface :


ü  SAP2000 offers a single unified user interface for modeling, analysis and design.

ü  AutoCAD-like snap tools for fast and easy model creation

ü  Zoom controls

ü  Standard views XY, XZ, YZ, 3D

ü  Live multiple graphical windows that make for easy navigation of complex models

ü  Active planar view is automatically highlighted in the 3D view window

ü  Developed elevation option to define custom views, including "unwrapping" cylindrical and irregular geometry

ü  Define working planes for creating and editing complex geometries

ü  Coordinate Systems/Grids

o   Cartesian , Cylindrical

o   Generalized Grid Systems - allows for a system comprised of arbitrarily defined grid lines.

o   Models can have multiple coordinate systems/grids which can be rotated in any direction.



SAP2000 Modeling :


ü  Section Properties

ü  Section Designer

ü  Interactive Database Editing

ü  Frame Elements

ü  Tendon Elements

ü  Cable Elements

ü  Shell Elements

ü  Solid Elements

ü  Meshing Tools

ü  Automatic Edge Constraint

ü  Link Elements

ü  Hinge Properties


SAP2000 Analysis

ü  General Analysis Details

ü  Response Spectrum Analysis

ü  Power Spectral Density

ü  Steady State Analysis with Damping

ü  Buckling Analysis

ü  Time History Analysis

ü  Tension and Compression only Springs

ü  P-Delta Analysis (large and small)

ü  Pushover Analysis

ü  Staged Construction

ü  Concrete Shrinkage and Time Dependent Creep Analysis

ü  Target Force Analysis

ü  Model Alive

SAP2000 Design

ü  Steel Frame Design

ü  Concrete Frame Design

ü  Aluminum Frame Design

ü  Cold Formed Frame Design


SAP2000 Output and Display

ü  Deformed Geometry

ü  Moment, Sheer and Axial Force Diagrams

ü  Generalized Displacement Output

ü  Section Cuts

ü  Video Animations with Time Varying Results

ü  Report Generator


SAP2000 Open Application Programming Interface (OAPI)

ü  BIM Integration: Scenario #1

ü  BIM Integration: Scenario #2


SAP2000 for Oil and Gas

ü  Rotational Acceleration Loads

ü  Cable Elements with Large Displacement

ü  Import from StruCAD*3D

ü  Design Code Checks

ü  Buckling Analysis


SAP2000 Loading :

ü  Automatic Code Based Wind Loading

ü  Automatic Code Based Seismic Loading

ü  Moving Load Generation

ü  Wave Load Generation

  SAP2000 V15 Levels and Features :

Physical Modeling Features



·         Model joint size limit



·         All drafting and model generation features

·         3D line and area objects

·         3D solid objects

·         Database of all standard hot rolled steel, aluminum, and cold formed sections

·         Section Designer for specialized sections

·         Interactive database spreadsheet editing

Analytical Modeling Features



·         Meshing tools

·         Automatic mesh generator

·         Automatic edge constraint technology for mismatched meshes

·         2D and 3D frame element

·         Tendon element

·         Cable element

·         Catenary cable behavior

·         Shell element

·         Nonlinear layered shell element

·         Moment curvature curve and PMM interaction surface for arbitrary fiber sections

·         Coupled spring element

·         Plane-stress, plane-strain and solid of revolution (Asolid) elements

·         Solid element

·         Linear link element with stiffness and damping

·         Automated panel zone element

·         Nonlinear link elements: gaps, hooks

·         Nonlinear link elements - plasticity, dampers, isolators

·         Nonlinear frame hinge element

Loading Features



·         Point, line, trapezoidal, and area loads

·         Tributary area load distribution to frames

·         Automatic code-based wind loading

·         Open structure wind loading (multiple codes)

·         Automatic code-based seismic loading

·         Pattern loading

·         vApplied displacement loading

·         Moving loads on frame elements

·         Gravity, pressure and thermal loading

·         Strain loads, deformation loads, target force

·         Prestress loads

·         Wave loading

Analysis Features



·         Fast advanced solver technology with SAPFireTM analysis engine

·         Multiple 64-bit solvers for analysis optimization with unmatched solution capacity

·         Generalized joint constraints including: diaphragms, plates, rods and beams

·         Eigen analysis with auto-shifting for ill-conditioned problems

·         Ritz analysis for fast predominant mode evaluation with missing mass

·         Multiple response spectrum cases in single run

·         Modal combination by the CQC, SRSS, GMC or double sum methods

·         Directional combination by the ABS, SRSS, or CQC3 methods

·         Linear dynamic modal time history analysis

·         Frequency domain analysis

·         Power spectral density analysis

·         Buckling analysis

·         Nonlinear analysis

·         Tension/compression-only frame elements

·         Tension/compression only soil (area)

·         P-delta analysis - both small and large P-delta

·         Static pushover analysis

·         Wilson FNA (Fast Nonlinear Analysis) method

·         Direct integration time history

·         Line and surface multi-linear springs (P-y curves)

·         Material nonlinearity - frame hinges and links

·         Geometric nonlinearity - large displacement

·         Target final geometry iterations

·         Staged construction

·         Creep and shrinkage

·         Property modifiers for frames, tendons and shells can be changed

·         Section properties for frames, tendons and shells can be changed

·         Hyperstatic analysis for secondary effects of prestressing forces

·         Static and dynamic load combos - linear, envelope, absolute, SRSS, range

Design Features



·         Steel frame design - American and international design codes (19+)

·         Aluminum frame design

·         Cold formed frame design

·         Concrete shell required reinforcement display

·         Load combinations can be converted to nonlinear load cases for  design

Output and Display Features



·         Deformed and undeformed geometry in 3D

·         Loading diagrams

·         Moment, shear and axial force diagrams

·         Stress contours for area and solid objects

·         Resultant forces displayed along section cuts

·         Detailed results with right button click

·         Virtual work plots

·         Time history displays of function vs. time

·         Force vs. deformation plots

·         Response spectrum curves from time history response

·         Video of animations and time varying results displays

·         Capture of graphics to .emf, .jpg, .bmp, .tif

·         Customized report generation

·         Quick generation of final printed reports with complete user control

·         Cover sheet identifying client, project, user and company

·         Formatted tables of model definition, analysis and design results

·         Graphical displays of the model

All Import & Export Formats



·         Microsoft Access

·         Microsoft Excel

·         SAP2000 text file (.s2k)

·         Export to Perform-3D

·         CIS/2 - STEP

·         Steel detailing neutral file (SDNF)

·         AutoCAD (.dxf/.dwg)

·         Frameworks Plus

·         IGES

·         IFC

·         Prosteel

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